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Body effect marijuana 

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble substances, they have the property to accumulate in fat-rich tissues. Certain areas of the nerve cells of the brain, spinal cord, cerebellum are subject to psychoactive effects. The accumulation of these cells is observed in the areas of the brain responsible for memory, learning, etc. Upon contact with the drug, cannabinid receptors are activated, which contribute to the inhibition of the hyperreactivity that has been caused by use.

Physiological changes after ingestion are manifested in the following way:

  1. Redness of the eyeballs;
  2. a strong sense of hunger;
  3. Excessive dryness in the mouth.

The impact on the psyche of marijuana is quite severe. Therefore at this level, certain symptoms are also secreted:Body effect marijuana

  1. Sleepiness;
  2. Laughing;
  3. Panic fear;
  4. Lack of self-control;
  5. Paranoia .

People who are intoxicated with marijuana face the phenomenon of splitting or splitting consciousness. On the one hand, they begin to notice that they are unconscious about the substance and then begin to laugh at the idea.

They have a growing interest in cultural values: music, painting. Tastes and smells become stronger, which makes them feel like a superman. The time course slows down for an intoxicated person.

The panic fear caused by this state poses a serious threat to life. Because of the changed consciousness, a person assesses the situation incorrectly and is able to do inadequate things. He can jump out the window, sincerely believing that the sea is below, and in the room of his pursuers with guns.

When receiving a large amount of grass, the probability of delirium - a mentally altered state during which you can fall into a coma - increases.

It is believed that marijuana has no lethal dose. This is confirmed by experiments carried out on animals. In theory, it is assumed that a dose of 1-2 kg can be lethal. However, it's impossible to smoke it right away.The cause of death can and does become a changed https://gg4.store/product-category/edibles/ consciousness of man with panic ideas that he is persecuted.

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