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Angel Strain

Also known as Angel OG, this indica dominant hybrid is a marijuana lover’s dream come true. Extremely powerful, containing a mild but intoxicating body melting high, and a mouth-watering taste and aroma, the strain is truly angelic.

Extremely useful as a medicinal strain, Angel was quick to make a name for itself in the cannabis community, despite the fact that it is a truly mysterious strain. We do not know who first bred it, or which strains were used to create it. But despite this, today, Angel is the strain of choice for people looking to kick back, relax, and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Angel THC Content

It’s true that the Angel strain’s true lineage is not known to us, many experts today believe that it was created by crossing the classic OG Kush with the infamous Blackberry strain. But what we do know for sure is that Angel OG contains up to 70% indica content, combined with THC levels of around 19%.

Due to its moderate THC content, and the fact that it is a somewhat balanced strain, Angel OG is well suited for nearly all types of users, though it is mostly used for medicinal purposes. Its moderate THC and heavy indica effects make Angel the perfect strain for treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, depression, stress and chronic anxiety.

Angel Effects

Be warned, Angel is no ordinary strain. Its effects are extremely quick setting, and will hit you from almost the first hit. Right away, users can expect warming waves of relaxation begin to break over their bodies.

A mild, cerebral high can be felt as well, which is both euphoric and stimulating. Many users find that their creativity soars immediately after using Angel, though this feeling slowly dies down as the body high takes hold. It’s not long after this that the strain’s sedative qualities begin to take hold and help the user drift off.

This is why the strain should only be used at night, or on days you don’t have a lot planned. But be sure to keep a bunch of snacks nearby, for the strain is sure to leave you couch locked and simply ravenous.

Angel Appearance

Just like an actual angel, this indica dominant hybrid also has an extremely beautiful, almost divine appearance. Its piecey, round buds tend to have deep, forest green colored leaves, a large number of thin, orange colored hairs, and a fine coating of tiny, almost microscopic crystals called trichomes. These miniature crystals do more than give Angel a bright and shiny outlook, and are responsible for most of the strains potency and THC content as well.

Angel Aroma

When we come to the aroma, you’ll be pleased to know that the Angel strain does not disappoint. Its buds give off a deliciously sweet but pungent, blackberry based scent, with hints of sweet earth and pine as well. The smell of berries only intensifies as the buds are burned, and remains behind as a pungent but enjoyable aftertaste in the back of your throat for a long time.

Where to buy Angel in Canada?

Perhaps because of its unknown origins or moderate THC levels, but the Angel strain is not a common one in Canada. You won’t be able to find it easily at your local dispensaries, or even in online ones.

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