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Ghost OG Strain

The Ghost OG strain deserves the OG title, since it is a classic marijuana strain in the truest of senses. Created by crossing the insanely famous OG Kush with the original Afghani, this strain is both powerful and easy to get along with. It has an extremely strong and relaxing body high as well as mild cerebral effects as well.

While its body based high is mostly used for medicinal purposes, the Ghost OG strain can quickly turn sedative. Which is why it should only be used at night, or on days you do not have a lot of work to do. These relaxing, medicinal effects, combined with a colorful appearance and a sweet, lemon-lime flavor complete the package, making Ghost OG the perfect all-rounder.

Ghost OG THC Content

Perhaps due to its unique and powerful heritage, but Ghost OG is famous as one of the most potent strains out there. Containing around 70% indica content, the strain’s THC level normally tests out at around 24%, much higher than what you would normally find in many strains in the market.

Due to its high THC content and powerful, sedative effects, Ghost OG is not a beginner friendly strain. In fact, even experienced users should show caution and only consume it in low doses. At the same time, the strain is quite a popular choice amongst medicinal users, and is commonly used to treat anxiety, stress, anxiety, insomnia, muscle aches and tensions, chronic pain, as well as PTSD and cancer.

Ghost OG Effects

Not only is Ghost OG insanely potent and powerful, but it is also an extremely quick setting strain. Users start feeling a heavy, tingling sensation radiating through their bodies after the very first hit. This sensation quickly gathers speed, numbing the body and filling you with a sense of uncontrollable happiness.
While this body high is developing, users might experience a sudden boost in creativity and stimulation, which can encourage you to be more social or attempt difficult tasks. But worry not, for Ghost OG’s sedative properties are not far behind, draining you of your energies and causing you to slowly drift off.

Ghost OG Appearance

As mentioned earlier, Ghost OG has a rather remarkable appearance. Even experienced users find themselves marveling at the colorful leaves, which are a beautiful and vibrant combination of green, yellow, and deep purple.

The buds tend to be extremely leafy, but a fine dusting of amber colored trichomes and a large number of thick orange hairs brings out the colorful leaves even more, completing a truly jaw dropping masterpiece.

Ghost OG Aroma

As might be expected from such a vibrant and delicious looking strain, Ghost OG also has a rather irresistible aroma. Its buds give off a sweet, lemon based scent, merged with strong kushy aromas and a sweet lime flavor as well. In fact, many people say that the aroma of Ghost OG is even more intoxicating than its relaxing effects.

Where to buy Ghost OG in Canada?

Just like its highly famous parents, Ghost OG is also quite a popular strain, and as a result, can be found quite easily in many online dispensaries all over the country. However, as a high quality strain, Ghost OG does have special storage and handling requirements, which unfortunately not all dispensaries can fulfill.
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